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Sterilisation & Chlorination

When carrying out new or repair works on potable water installation on commercial industrial properties to comply with the water regulations. The services/equipment should be chlorinated and sterilised before being put back into service.

Chlorination must comply with BS6700, carried out by competent, qualified engineers and sterilisation certificate issued on completion.


Employers have a responsibility, under the water hygiene regulations, to inspect, monitor and maintain wholesome water supply to and within their property, to prevent back flow of water, remove dead legs and ensure that the current type of protection is installed to suit the water category of any machinery or equipment installed.

Hinckley Plumbing & Heating Services offers the service to carry out a free visual inspection of water services in industrial and commercial properties, report and quote for any chlorination or remedial works required.

Hot water services should be monitored and recorded on a regular basis (subject to your Risk Assessment). Hot water services must be stored at 60 ͦc or above.

Where, young, old or vulnerable people have use of hot water services, outlet temperatures should be no higher than 43°c.

Lime scale should not be allowed to build up on tap outlets, shower heads and shower outlets, these should be cleaned and sterilised on a regular basis.

Blending valve basins, showers and bath water temperature should be monitored and water temperature control equipment serviced and maintained.

HPHS offer this service, including all monitoring and reports saving your company time and complying with the water hygiene requirements.

Cold water storage tanks should be monitored for temperature (winter and summer) and flow tanks drained, cleaned and chlorinated on a regular basis to ensure cold water is not stored above 25°c and that the water is not stagnant when stored.

HPHS offers a complete service to clean and sterilise all types of tanks, cylinders, appliances and services.


If the water services to a property have not been used for some time (empty properties) the complete water system should be chlorinated and sterilised before being put back in to use.


If for any reason there is a suspicion that there is a problem with a water service to a property or the water supply has a smell, the water services should be chlorinated and sterilised to ensure it is safe to use.

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