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Moling water services - replacement and new water services water mark severn trent approved contractor

The easy and convenient solution to installing replacement and new water services below ground, without the need for expensive, very disruptive trenching and ground reinstatement.

Moling Pipework


Did you realise that if you have a lead water service or shared water supply you could be entitled to a free Severn Trent connection and boundary stop tap?
All you are required to do is replace your supply from the new Severn Trent boundary stop tap onto your property.
The cost of a new supply is probably less than you thought.
The Advantages of having a new MDPE Supply

  1. New MDPE pipework
  2. Drinking water that is not contaminated
  3. Better flow rate
  4. Better pressure
  5. Independent supply
  6. As asset to your property, if you wish to see the property at a later date

Moling below ground water services saves the very expensive and disruptive inconvenience of trenching and reinstatements involved with either hand or machine digging trenches.
Moling makes for a quick and less disruptive installation.

Guy in trench


Below ground leaking pipes can be very expensive. You can be charged by Severn Trent for the water which is used.

Locating, repairing or renewing water services can be inconvenient, disruptive, time consuming and expensive. Water loss is also bad for the environment and our recommendation would be to act quickly to repair or replace that leaking pipe.

We would be happy to survey the problem and quote for the repair.

Does your drinking water have an odour or does it smell, it could be that the incoming water service to the property has been laid in contaminated ground (an old industrial estate, petrol or petrol chemical land).

The answer is to replace the below ground water service pipe with a barrier pipe. This type of pipework is now being used in areas or ground which is contaminated it is impervious and prevent contamination and the problems with odours and smells to drinking water.

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