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Domestic Heating

Hinckley Plumbing & Heating Services Ltd carry out installation of most forms of domestic gas, oil or solid fuel heating systems.

Heating Design

Hinckley Plumbing & Heating Services Ltd offer a free quotation service on the installation of a new or replacement boiler and heating system, discussing the customers needs, advising of designs to suit the properties, zoning controls to ensure the system is economical to run.

The choice of manufacturers, types and sizes of boilers is vast and because of this we took a decision over 3 yrs ago that we should have a main boiler supplier that we can recommend to our customers so as not to confuse them with the various options available. Looking at the market place we know that there are many good boiler manufacturers and the decision to pick Veissmann as our main boiler supplier was difficult but in the end we decided that reliability and after sales service were the most important factors in choosing a boiler and price was 3rd. The reputation of Veissmanns reliability in our opinion is unprecidented,Veissmann being the largest European manufacturer, producing boilers for many decades, with boilers suiting virtually any type of installation.

This doesn't mean that if we considered the situation called for another make of boiler, or the customer had a preferred boiler that we would not install it, but keeping to one manufacturer enables our engineers to be very familiar with the boiler and product range. Our engineers attend Veissmanns own training and servicing colleges to obtain a better understanding of the product that they are installing.


Gas boilers are now all condensing, being over 90% efficient with combination boilers being the most poular type to be fitted, especially for the replacement market. Our engineers have obtained their Gas Safe qualifications to ensure all installations are safe and correctly installed.

The Viessmann gas boiler range includes freestanding and wall mounted boilers with low temperature and condensing versions from 4 to 20 000 kW.

To download Veissmanns Catalogue click Here: Veissmann Gas Boilers.pdf

Gas appliances should be serviced regularly as per the manufacturers recomendations for more information of our services click Here

Unvented Hot water Cylinders

These are becoming more and more popular having the great benefit of large volumes of high pressure hot water throughout the house. To install an unvented cylinder the Company and the engineer need to be qualified, have attended training courses on undersanding and installation of the product, and to comply with building regulations and have certification to show they are qualified to install the product.

Our plumbers and engineers are fully qualified. We can offer a design and installation service offering the various types of unvented systems to suit the property and the customers needs, we can even offer and install unvented cylinders that link up with solar heating systems giving the benefit of being able to utilise a renewable heat source for the domestic hot water.


Styles of radiators and towel rails have changed dramatically over the last few years, customers no longer just want the standard steel panelled radiators, but with designer radiators, cast iron column radiators, vertical radiators, towel rails of all shapes and sizes, fan convectors and even ceiling mounted heat emmitters.

Hinckley Plumbing & Heating Services Ltd pride itself in understanding what is available on the market, being able to help and advise customers on what is available and best suited for their needs, finding competitively priced alternatives.

Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating is becoming more popular with the new build and extensions. The convenience of not loosing any wall space for radiators or heater emmiters is attractive to most customers. The design and correct installation of any underfloor heating is essential as once it has been installed and floors laid over the pipework it is not practical without considerable cost to alter the installation.

For this reason when designing underfloor heating systems we rely on the experience and knowledge of the manufacturers for the design work and details of the floor structure best suited for the construction of the property.


Heating your home Over 1.5 million homes in the UK use oil for heating. It’s cleaner and easier to use than solid fuel. It’s also safe and extremely economical. Although oil isn't as popular as gas there are still plenty of rural areas that depend on oil for heating and cooking, we have engineers with Oftec certification for the installation, servicing and maintenance of oil boilers, tanks and pipework.

Oil appliances should be serviced regularly as per the manufacturers recomendations for more information of our services click Here

Details if the regulations relating to oil storage tanks can be found by clicking Here

Details if the regulations relating to Flues, Chimneys and ventilation can be found by clicking Here


LPG is still popular in rural areas for both heating & cooking, for this reason we believe it is essential that we have engineers who have their LPG Gas Safe qualifications and fully understand the differences between the installation of natural gas and LPG. The benefits of LPG can be viewed by clicking here. There is now a wider choice of gas storage being either bottles above ground or below ground storage cylinders. LPG appliances should be serviced regularly as per the manufacturers recomendations for more information of our services click Here

Solid Fuel

Solid fuels ie coal, wood, anthracite, other mineral fuels are still popular either as stand alone appliances or linked to other heat sources, ie wood burning stove in the lounge with gas boiler also in the property, the two boilers linked and working together. This type of system has to be designed correctly both for safety and to ensure the best efficiency for the system. We have engineers who have their certification for part ‘H' of building regulations for the installation of solid fuel appliances and flues. We can accept payment by Cash, Cheque, Debit or Credit card and BACS